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Women's Health

Passion Health Primary Care

Primary Care Practice & Family Practice located in Frisco, Irving, Seven Points, & Plano, TX

Women’s health provides the screenings, exams, and care for issues that affect women and their well-being. At Passion Health Primary Care in Frisco, Irving, Seven Points, or Plano, Texas, Shyamala Arani Purushotham, MD, FACP, CPHQ, Pooka Naik, MD, and the team offer women’s health care that helps support reproductive and pelvic organ health. Call today to schedule your well-woman exam or symptom evaluation, or use this website to schedule online. 

Women's Health Q & A

What is included in women’s health services?

Women benefit from specialized care that focuses on their unique makeup. At Passion Health Primary Care, women’s health services include the following: 


  • Annual well-woman exams
  • Support during menopause
  • Birth control counseling 
  • STD screenings
  • Pap smears, clinical breast exams, and mammograms
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of menstrual cycle concerns
  • Diagnosis and treatment of yeast or urinary tract infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment for gynecological conditions 


If you are a woman and have symptoms or concerns about your health, reach out to Passion Health Primary Care.

What happens during a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam supports a woman’s long-term health. This annual visit involves a discussion of your lifestyle, catches you up on important screenings, and checks the health of your pelvic organs. 


The exam usually includes a pelvic exam, during which your provider checks your uterus, vagina, and other palpable organs and performs a Pap smear. A Pap smear is an important preventive screening for cervical cancer. Your well-woman exam also includes a clinical breast exam. 

What symptoms or concerns do you address through women’s health? 

You can also schedule an appointment at Passion Health Primary Care to discuss any symptoms or concerns you have regarding your health. These include:

  • Heavy periods
  • Pelvic pain
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Painful intercourse
  • Burning during urination
  • Itching or other vaginal discomforts
  • Menopause symptoms, including hot flashes and weight gain

The providers at Passion Health Primary Care also welcome questions about your sexual health, including birth control or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You can request an STD test at any time.

What women’s health screenings should I schedule?

Women’s health screenings are preventive measures that help you avoid health crises in the future. The team at Passion Health Primary Care routinely recommends:


  • Pap smears to look for cervical cancer
  • HPV (human papillomavirus virus) screenings
  • Mammograms (for high-risk patients or women 40 and older)

STD testing is also available but isn’t considered “routine.” Request it if you have symptoms like itching, warts on your genitals, an unusual discharge, or if you are sexually active. 

Schedule your women’s health appointment at Passion Health Primary Care by calling the office or reaching out online.