What can I access with my monthly membership?

• High quality, evidence-based, customized compassionate care for your needs
• Unlimited access to PHP Direct Primary Care Physicians
• After-hours care by appointment
• Weekend hours by appointment
• Primary care and urgent care for acute illness visits
• Extended and relaxed visit with your physician with no copay and no wait time
• Acute and routine visits
• Well-woman exams
• Annual physicals
• Post Hospitalization discharge visit
• Preoperative clearance
• Chronic disease management
• Telemedicine
• Immediate access to Specialists with Passion Health Physicians Network
• Home and worksite visit (at an extra fee and availability)
• Routine lab testing at a discounted price off-site
• Discounted radiology
• Point of Care Ultrasound- POCUS-for quick diagnosis
• EKGs
• Spirometry Lung Testing
• Cost transparency
• Other free services that will be offered in the future will be informed by email.

What if I have many health challenges, do you charge extra?

• No. You can also gain access to our unique passion health physician specialist community.

What happens when my doctor is out of town?

• Your doctor is always available via telemedicine- Direct phone, text, video call and other electronic communication. However, Your doctor will inform you ahead of time, and the on-call doctor will also be informed.

What do you NOT treat?

Our PHP primary care doctors do not treat but refer to PHP specialists:
• Chronic pain patients on narcotics or requiring narcotics
• Chronic anxiety on benzodiazepines
• Ages zero to 18 (our PHP Pediatrician handle these age groups)
• Prenatal care
• In-office vaccinations

What are the office hours?

• Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. We are also available via text, email, or other electronic communication channels outside office hours. (See below).
• Appointment based after hours, in the weekends and holidays

Is it available throughout USA or only specific states?

Telemedicine membership is available currently in the states of TX, GA, CA, and FL.

Can you put the plan on hold while members are abroad?

Yes, the plan can be put on hold when the member leaves to their home country.

If one chooses membership-based plan but do want an in-person appointment after having a video consult what would that rate be?

Members with Telemedicine plan can request a in-person appointment with a one-time fee of $30. In-person visits are currently available for residents of DFW metroplex area. However, more locations will be available as we expand.

Is this plan also available for US residents who do not have a health Insurance ?

For someone who is not a visitor and doesn’t have insurance – a similar plan is available .please check our Direct Primary Care options or contact us @ 214-666-6259.

Would this be covered under travel Insurance ?

Since we don’t bill travel insurance, these services will not be covered by travel insurance. How ever you can use the insurance company for labs, imaging and medications.

How can you help if there is an emergency ?

We are available to our patients 24 x 7 for all non-emergent and urgent needs . But in case of a true emergency we recommend calling 911 and go to nearest ER. We will instruct the member to visit the emergency department or urgent care if their medical condition needs higher levels of care.

Does the membership fee cover any hospital or Urgent care visits?

Our membership costs does not cover your hospital visits . It covers unlimited physician tele-visits , Prescription refills, and discounted labs and Imaging services .

How would I get access to the nearest Doctor for any Emergency?

Our physicians will be available over the phone or video, however we recommend calling 911 for any emergency.

Is this a form of insurance ?

NO, our plans are not qualified as insurance per federal law.

Do you accept Visitor or Travel Insurance ?


Insurance Questions

Do you take insurance?

• No. However, you can use your health insurance or Medicare for laboratory testing, imaging, medications, specialist visits, and hospitalizations.

Does my membership act as health insurance under the Affordable Care Act?

• No, it does not.

Do you see Medicare patients?

• Unfortunately, we cannot see Medicare and Medicare-eligible patients at this time. However, if interested in our practice, contact us so we can notify you when this changes.

Do I still need traditional health insurance?

• We highly recommend getting health insurance for catastrophic events, for elective or emergent surgeries, hospitalizations, referrals to specialists out of PHP network.

Will PHP share records with insurance companies?

• PHP is never obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records unless you request them to share.


How do I pay?

• We accept all major credit cards, direct bank transfers (ACH), and cash.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

• You can cancel your membership at any time — no cancellation fees. However, we need 30-days advance notice to end the patient-physician relationship.

Do I have to be a member? Can I pay for one office visit at a time?

• Yes, you can pay for one visit, it costs $100. However, we recommend joining PHP to access continuous quality and compassionate health care.

How will I know if PHP DPC is right for me?

• Call us today or visit for a free, unconditional appointment and we can help you discover how you can enjoy PHP direct primary care services.

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