Benefits of PHP DPC to the employer and employee

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For Employee For Employer
Employees can quickly make appointments and enjoy faster access to their doctors without unnecessary waiting hours. Visits last only about 30-60 minutes long. Employers no longer worry about employees going absent from their jobs for long hours to attend to their healthcare needs. Timely healthcare appointments lasting only 60 minutes brings about increased productivity.
Employees enjoy deeply personalized care at extended time intervals thereby creating a stronger doctor-patient relationship. Healthy employees mean increased productivity which boosts the amount of success enjoyed by the company.

Employees no longer need to spend long hours away from their desks. They can address their healthcare concerns via text, email, and other electronic communication devices.

Through access to instant healthcare solutions, employees can quickly get back to work, which is a win-win to foster a healthy and productive working environment.
Access to discounted medications, pathology, and lab costs, employees can keep track of their health and break the chain of visiting the Emergency Care Unit. Because employees enjoy instant access to their doctors, health care issues can be addressed quickly. This means fewer ER visits, surgical needs, and fewer radiology exams all of which reduces the cost of health care on both employee and employer
Builds healthy working environments because they believe the company cares about their health needs. Attractive health care bonuses mean employers can attract just the right talents for the job.
Employees can access to PHP community of specialists instantly at affordable fees. Instant access to PHP specialists  means employees can get back on track within a few hours.
With  quality care  from anywhere – at work, play, or travel. Quality health care means friendlier and productive working environments which boost returns on investments for employers
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