PHP DPC for Business

Passion Health Physicians provides a unique health care employer solution that is perfect for you and your employees, regardless of the size of your business.

Unlike traditional primary care, our direct primary care services guarantee 24/7 access to quality healthcare, surplus time with primary care physicians, and other wholesome benefits at a lower cost.

Direct primary care does not just improve access to quality care; it helps small businesses offer premium health care services at a lower cost saving over 40% on each employee when compared to traditional care.

It is no wonder that within the last few years, many direct primary care practices have witnessed 59 percent fewer ER visits, 30 percent lesser waiting time, 62 percent higher access to specialist, 80 percent fewer surgical needs, and 65 percent fewer radiology exams.

Despite the enormous amount, employers spent long hours in waiting rooms leading to higher absenteeism and lower productivity. Many small business owners may not be able to provide attractive medical coverage due to the high costs of traditional health care.

Direct Primary Care is proactive and convenient. Offering DPC is an excellent way of showing that your company truly cares about the health of its employees. All these can boost employee productivity and promote employee engagement.

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