PHP direct primary care vs concierge medicine

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Concierge Medicine Direct Primary Care
Billing Annual Monthly
Membership cost Average fee is around $1,800 (up to $25,000) annually Average $50 to 125 per month
Co-pays Yes No
Insurance &copays Bills insurance for each visit Doesn’t accept insurance, with unlimited visits
Patient panel 600 or less per physician 600 or less per physician
Regulated by insurance Yes No
Overhead High less

Insurance complications

At Passion Health Physicians, you can say goodbye to insurance complications and bureaucratic red tape. It is all about you and your Passion Health physician. Our goal is to remove the barriers so you can access high-quality patient-centered care at a transparent and highly affordable cost.

  • Unhurried personalized in-person, or online office visits
  • Same-day and next-day appointments
  • Immediate communications via text, phone call, email or video
  • 24/7 access to high quality direct primary and urgent care
  • Access to PHP’s community of medical specialists at affordable rates
  • Access to discounted laboratory tests, imaging, pathology and medications
  • Discounted co-ordinated services with health partners
  • Access to continued healthcare relationships when abroad
  • One Doctor Co-ordinate care
  • No Co-pays or deductibles
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