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Enjoy highly personal, intuitive, and exceptional primary care access directly to your physician around the clock.

Embrace exceptional employee plans that boosts productivity and reduces absenteeism at lower medical costs.

Quality and personalized healthcare for US visitors without long-term obligations or insurance limitations.


Passion Health Physicians is a direct patient care organization with the sole commitment to deliver high quality and personalized health care solutions to all individuals, families, and employers.

  • Doctor-patient relationship
  • Providing a compassionate and friendly service
  • Traditional health care

A return to the family doctor

Before the era of medical insurance, the family doctor was your first call when you or your child had a fever, twisted an ankle, or simply needed a checkup. Your doctor always made time for you, even after hours and on weekends. And if you were too ill to make it to the doctor's office, a house call was often the next logical step.

DPC Healthcare not only represents a welcome return to this highly personalized approach to primary care; it also incorporates today's technologies, therapies, and wellness strategies to keep you connected, informed, and inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For You and Family

Experience personalized primary care with 24/7 access to your doctor, health records and more.

For your Business

Explore the impact of adding DPC to your employee health benefit plan.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) for Business Owners: A Health Care Revolution

Accepting new patients

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is an alternative practice model where you can access your physician directly without interference from third parties. Imagine what it would take to contact your doctor whenever you want and receive the utmost attention, which is what the direct primary care can offer and many more. The direct primary care combines the old-fashioned relationship with your doctor and all the benefits of modern technology to create a robust health and wellness system that supports you on all fronts without increasing your health care cost.

  • Unlimited access
  • High quality, evidence-based, customized compassionate care
  • After-hours and Weekend hours
  • Primary care and urgent care visits
  • Extended and relaxed visit with no copay

24/7 primary and Urgent Care

We offer same-day appointments and 24/7 access to physicians and your medical team to minimize costly trips to the emergency room.

No Copays or Insurance Forms

From off-site lab work to chronic disease management, your monthly fee includes a broad range of services. There are no extra costs for primary care services.

One Doctor to Coordinate Care

When specialist referrals or hospital stays are required, your healthcare team continues to serve as your advocate —preventing wasteful duplication of efforts.

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